North America Health Investment Group Inc. is an investment company that offers capital, management and technology expertise to projects in health technologies, health food, and health care products and services industries.

The company has many years of experience in Natural Health Product, health food and health care technology, products and services research, development and marketing in north America and China. North America Health Investment Group Inc. has made investments in health technologies, products and services in Canada in 2017 and will continue to seek investment opportunities to expand and compliment our portfolio.

The company was founded and led by seasoned health technology professionals with expertise in healthcare, medical devices hardware and software, health food and Natural Health Products. We seek unique technologies, products and services in China and Canada, package them with to local elements and requirements to fulfill the need of the local market. The company is taking advantages of Canada’s excellent track record on environment and product quality to develop high‐value specialty products and services. The company understands the enormous appetite for quality products and leverage our experience to supply the market.