Since 2017, North America Health Investment Group Inc. has invested in a number of opportunities. The portfolio included investment in health food, Natural Health Products and traditional medicines. The company is able to added value to each of the invested companies to expand their operation and market shares.
North America Health Investment Group Inc. has invested in West Coast Wild Food who are the leading Canadian company in the harvesting and processing of wild food in North America. Our investment team understands the potential of Canadian health and organic food in the worldwide market and choose to invest in the opportunity. North America Health Investment Group Inc. has leveraged our expertise in ISO and GMP standards to further enhance the product quality to meet worldwide standards. Our consulting services have added value to the investment by increasing the quality of the products and expanding the market of the products through our worldwide partners.

North America Health Investment Group Inc. has partnered with Cyctek Inc. to bring to market the Y2XTM line of Natural Health Products (with NPNs) for Men. The products had successfully passed market trial in Canada and received acceptance by a solid group of users. North America Health Investment Group Inc. has injected capital, marketing resources and partnership into the product line and opened up new markets in Asia. The investment will allow two additional natural health products to be rolled out in the next two years. Initial response in new markets had shown exciting results and the investment has proven to add values to the initial investment.

North America Health Investment Group Inc. also leverage our many years of expertise in Traditional Medicines in China and Canada to work with renown health care practitioners to develop Herbal, Traditional medicines and medicated cosmetics from the foundation of successful clinical practices. We are currently helping practitioners to develop and license products with the plan to help them manufacturer and market the products worldwide. We believe in natural medicines developed based on many years of clinical experience will allow for quick adoption of the products by practitioners around the world. The partnership experience of North America Health Investment Group Inc. will allow the new products to be adopted quickly in the Asian markets.

Our readiness to invest money and expertise have created much value in health-related companies whether it is technical expertise in standards compliance, licensing, government grants, or market expansion through partnership. We continue to seek the right investment opportunity to create a win-win relationship for stake holders. For details of our portfolio, please review our sample investment portfolios under the sub-menu.

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