North America Health Investment Group Inc. has invested in its own product company to develop a line of Natural Health Products (NHP) for men. The first product Y2X Tongkat Ali Ultra has been launch in Canada in 2017 , one year after the product was approved by Health Canada. In the next 12 months, the company will add two more products to the Y2X line, all focus on men’s health.

Y2X Ultra is the main product of the Y2X series that combines the traditional experience and safety with the scientific results of Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) to enhance sexual interest and health of men. The proven ability of Tongkat Ali to help aging men by its ability to increase the free testosterone level is now combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) of Korean Red Ginseng, Goji Berry and Polygonatum which are known for their ability to support sexual health. Y2X Ultra not only improves the free testosterone level of men but also raise their energy and performance level.  Research[1] indicated total and free testosterone level in men decrease over time (figure 1). The traditional use of Tongkat Ali and its extracts was well known in helping men with sexual interest and performance. Many clinical studies[2] have been able to confirm enhancements of user in the overall erectile-function, the sexual libido, Seminal Fluid Analysis with sperm motility and semen-volume. Korean Red Ginseng, Goji Berry and Polygonatum are known for their fortifying “Yang” and strengthen the “kindney (reproductive)” meridian. It also has the effect of enhance hair growth, speedup recovery from tiredness and eliminate the feeling of weakness. Y2X Ultra is Health Canada approved Natural Health Product (NPN80050147 and 80067320) that adhered to the highest quality standards of the industry. It is an important supplemental and alternative treatment of low testosterone and energy levels for men who desire a natural approach.  You can read more about testosterone and its effects at this link.


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