Mr. Daniel Sin Co-Founder and Board Member

Mr. Sin has 30 years of experience in technology deployments and their quality management. Certified in ISO 13485 medical device auditing and trained in Good Manufacturing Practices, Mr. Sin has been leading a consultation company in the area of software architecture, health care technologies, natural health product quality management and regulatory affairs since 2005. He has experience in managing large research projects with NSERC, IRAP, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Ontario Center of Excellence (OCE) projects. Daniel was the Chief Technology Advisor of OSCAR EMR pioneered by McMaster University. Prior to joining OSCAR EMR, Daniel is the Chief Technology Officer for Ingle International and Kela Medical Inc.. Daniel is also an Advisory Council member to the Federal Health Minister on Traditional Chinese Medicine since 2012. 

Daniel also has over twenty years of experience in Information Technology, systems architecture, design and delivery in the telecommunication and software industry. He has held various technical and management positions including the director of architecture in Sprint Canada. He has been a member of the Professional Engineers Ontario since 1991. He is a graduate of the Richard Ivey Executive MBA program (IVEY) from the University of Western Ontario in 2004. He is a Privacy by Design (PbD) ambassador and also a certified member of CISM (Certified Information Security Management) professional.

Mr. Biwen Zhao Co-Founder and President

1985 Zhuhai Livzon Medical Co., Ltd., China, Import and export business manager
1987 Guangzhou South China Dong Bao Pharmaceutical Factory, China, Factory Director
1990 Founded Guangdong Yangbao Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China, President and General Manager
1998 Guangzhou, Guangdong, China Xu Xing Chemical Co., Ltd., China, General Manager
2003 Guangzhou Qian Yan Advertising Co., Ltd., China, Founding General Manager 
2006 China Jing Hao Investment Co., Ltd., China, General Manager
2007 Guangzhou Huangbu Chemical Co., Ltd., China, General Manager
2010 Wuzhou Huangbu Chemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Guangxi, China, General Manager
2012 United Wings Enterprise Inc., Canada, Board of director
2017 West Coast Wild Foods Ltd., Canada, Board of director
2017 North American Health Investment Group Inc., Canada, President

Mr. Huidong Wang  Co-Founder and Chairman

Mr. Hui Dong Wang is the founder and President of United Wings Enterprise Inc., which specializes in the importation, marketing and wholesale of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. In 2006, he founded Pharma Herb Inc. which concentrates on the importation and distribution of natural health products. He is a long-time member of the Chamber of Chinese Herbal Medicine of Canada, which has relentlessly promoted the role of Traditional Chinese Medicine for healthy living in Canada. Mr. Wang previously was elected as Secretary of the Chamber and served on the Board of Directors, before becoming Vice President in 2008. A graduate of Guangdong Vocational College of Finance and Economics, Mr. Wang has over 20 years of experience in the sourcing, importation, distribution and marketing of Traditional Chinese Medicine.