North America Health Investment Group Inc. has invested in West Coast Wild Foods Inc. of Richmond, B.C. and obtained the distribution rights of their products in Eastern Canada and China.

West Coast Wild Foods Inc. has been in the wild food business for over 20 years. Their knowledge on wild Mushrooms is beyond professional. The company has gained a reputation throughout the world for the quality of their morel mushrooms which is a result of their intimate knowledge of the mushroom and how to retain its quality through the drying process. The company has designed an all-natural drying system that is emission free from natural methods. The growth of their business and reputation is also impeccable, the market share of the company has exceeded 40 percent in North America and is still growing. They have always maintained love and respect for nature.

We are working with our partners to launch the entire product line throughout North America, Asia and China. Since last summer, the company had launched in Hong Kong and China.  Our products are available in six locations around Hong Kong through our Hanyinhong partner stores.