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North America Health Investment Group is always looking for investment opportunity in health technology, traditional and herbal medicine, health food and health care companies.  We will be happy to invest in you to  grow your business.

Partnering with us

Investment Portfolios

Since 2017, North America Health Investment Group Inc. has invested in a  number of portfolios. We also provide our management and technology consulting services as part of our investment. The followings are a few examples of our portfolios.

Best Wild Food in North America

Product Distribution Rights

Y2X Line of Products

Natural Health Products for Men

TCM Practitioner Collaboration

Natural Medicine development

List of our brands of products

West Coast Wild FoodsWest Coast Wild Foods
West Coast Wild Foods is a partner of North America Health Investment group. Through our partnership, North America Health Investment Group has obtained product distribution rights for Eastern Canada and China.
North America Health ProductsNorth America Health Products
North America Health Products is a line of Health food and supplements that promote a healthy and natural way of life.
Y2X Product LineY2X Product Line
Y2X is a line of Natural Health Products (NHPs) that are licensed under Health Canada. It is trademarked and specifically designed to treat male health conditions for kidney nourishment, prostate health and sexual interest.