NORTH AMERICA HEALTH INVESTMENT GROUP INC. signed an two million dollars Canadian strategic partnership agreement with GOLDFIELD HEALTH CO. LTD. to supply them with Canadian health foods.

GOLDFIELD HEALTH CO. LTD. and NORTH AMERICA HEALTH INVESTMENT GROUP INC. has come to the agreement to establish a long-term, strategic, stable and seamless cooperative relationship.  By leveraging their existing competitive advantages, the strategic relationship shall follow the principles of mutual benefit and consensus, to share product and market information through cooperation, to develop the market in China and around the world, realize mutual benefits and a win-win partnership.

On the 13th of November, Brian Lam, CEO of GOLDFIELD HEALTH CO. LTD. and Daniel Sin, CEO of NORTH AMERICA HEALTH INVESTMENT GROUP INC. signed a Strategic Alliance Framework Agreement valued at 2 million Canadian dollars at the Canadian Pavilion of the FHC (Food & Hotel China) 2018 Shanghai on November 13th under the witness of the Honorable Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-food of Canada, Senator Percy E. Downe. Other honored guests including Webster Shao, head of KPMG China and Mr. Zhu Jian Xiang, CEO of EUHO . The event was brief and ceremonious, the first order of health products is expected to be delivered by the end of the year. The agreement covers most of the health products under the investment scope of the company.

Back row from left: Senator Percy E. Downe, Mr. Hui Dong Wang, Minister Lawrence MacAulay, Mr. Zhao Biwen, Mr. Webster Zhao, Mr. Zhu Jian Xiang. Front Row: Mr. Daniel Sin and Mr. Brian Lam.