Randomized, double-blind clinical trial evidences support the claims of Y2X Ultra

A recent scientific study[1] published in Andrologia Journal has found Eurycoma longifolia has significant positive effects as a natural alternative to testosterone replacement therapy without the side effects. In clinical trial of a using Eurycoma longifolia extract, the review found patients received a number of benefits similar to the Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Benefits to the reproductive system and sexual health

A clinical study that investigated 75 men with idiopathic infertility, Eurycoma longifolia supplementation improved semen profiles by increasing higher semen volumes, sperm concentrations, sperm motility, thus significantly improved the sperm quality in these patients, allowing for 11 (14.7%) spontaneous pregnancies within 6 months.

Ergogenic Benefits

Clinical studies of about 50 men and women demonstrated the ergogenic benefits of Eurycoma longifolia in eight weeks. It demonstrated the ability to increase muscle strength by more than doubling the lean muscle mass while reducing the percentage of body fat. The muscle strength increased as determined by handgrip strength and bigger quadriceps muscles.

Lower Cardiovascular risks

However, as epidemiologic studies revealed that the treatment of cardiovascular disease risks due to low testosterone patients with Eurycoma longifolia demonstrated the increase serum testosterone levels might be beneficial as exogenous testosterone administration is associated with decreased levels of total cholesterol.

Improve Quality of Life

A large sample sized, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial on the supplementation of 109 men at reproductive age with Eurycoma longifolia extract was performed (Ismail et al., 2012). This study clearly showed significant improvements in all relevant parameters tested (Quality of Life as observed with the SF-36 Quality of Life questionnaire, Sexual Well-Being as investigated by means of the International Index of Erectile Function, Sexual Health Questionnaire and a semen analysis. The physical functioning domain constituted questions on nine items on moderate and vigorous activities, climbing, bending and kneeling, walking, and bathing/dressing, ‘role physical’ and ‘vitality’. The group on Eurycoma longifolia achieved an overall significant positive change from baseline to end of study at week 12 as compared to placebo (P = 0.009).

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[1] A. George1 & R. Henkel, Phytoandrogenic properties of Eurycoma longifolia as natural alternative to testosterone replacement therapy, Andrologia 2014, 46, 708-721